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Local Authorities-City Councils,


October 2005,


Cast iron Impeller,


Chem-tect™ RB 300,


Sewerage Treatment,


The profile of an old impeller had been ruined by corrosion and erosion. This is severely reducing pump performance and increasing operating costs and since a replacement impeller would suffer the same corrosion attack, the Client sought a cost effective and long lasting solution.

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Corroded impeller    Kevlar reinforcing    Machining to original dimensions

Chemcos Solution:

The internals of the impeller were badly corroded and required refurbishment as a replacement would take up to 12 weeks. The client required a fast turnaround. Therefore, the challenge was to refurbish and rebuild to original profile in as short a time as possible.


  • RB 300 (AR) to rebuild surfaces
  • Kevlar to improve strength
  • RB 300 (AR) application to achieve desired thickness
  • Post cured at 80°C for 8 hours to improve chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Final machining to original dimension and tolerances using a PCD (poly carbonate diamond) tip.


With Chemco Australia’s application providing proven long term corrosion protection, many other components have been refurbished using similar methods both on site and within our fully equipped workshop.

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