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Oil & Gas Rig Decks


Oil & Gas Industry,



April 2010,



Carbon Steel Rig Decks,



Epo-chem RS 500P

Chem-tect RA 500M



Wet & Humid, atmospheric moisture 



Heavily corroded steel rig decks would have taken 12 months to re-surface with riding crew permanently on board. Corrosion would have re-appeared upon completion due to high humidity and rain conditions.


rig requiring protection blasting of deck before coating protected deck

The Rig                Ultra high water blasting           One section completed


Chemco’s Solution:

Chemco Australia recommended the use of moisture surface tolerant glass-flake filled epoxies, applicable to wet and corroded surfaces providing long term corrosion protection.



  • 15,000-19,000 psi water blast with small footprint machine
  • Wet abrasive blasting to reduce metallic salt content
  • Perforations were found in accommodation quarters and other critical areas
  • Applied 1 coat RS 500P and laminate using 600gm/m2 multi-directional matting
  • Applied 1 coat RA 500M with a nominal thickness of 500μm-700μm



Application was done within client’s time-frame and also came with a 10 year warranty, much to the rig manager and asset owner’s satisfaction. Asset owner saved 12 months of downtime and re-coating costs. An estimated 20,000 m² of rig deck has been coated to date. Chemco Australia has also been awarded continuous work on the rest of the problem areas and other rigs from the same client.


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