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Tiled Concrete Floor


Tiled Concrete Floor


Food & Beverage Industry,






Tiled Concrete Floor,



Easi-prime™ RX 500P Primer,

Epo-chem™ RA 564 Top coat,

Chem-concrete™ RI 800 Concrete repair system,



Chemicals, atmospheric, no abrasive blasting,



To provide a coating system offering a long-term corrosion and sealing solution that will ensure in excess of 15 years service to the tiled floor of a brewery. System has to be easily cleaned and resistant to process chemicals. Tiled concrete floor had broken tiles, defective grout and contamination of concrete substrate. Area would not allow abrasive blasting.


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Brewery Equipment   Before: Etched tiled surface   Finished floors & walls


Chemcos Solution:

We recommended the 500 series: priming with RX 500P, followed by RA 564 Top coat and RI 800 Grout replacement. This system has an extremely fast turnaround and cure time, with no odour, is food grade approved, easy to clean and will exceed life requirement.



  • High pressure water blast to remove contamination and loose grout
  • Application of 1 coat RX 500P at 100 microns to seal and bind tiles
  • Repairs using RI 800 and 1 coat of RA 564 to a DFT of 200 microns



Due to the fast turnaround and cure time, there was minimal disruption to the manufacturing process and the easy to maintain system with long life requirement also resulted in reduced maintenance costs for the customer.


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