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Corrosion protection ensures a long life for a new 98% Sulphuric Acid Bund

OVERVIEW:    Chemcote was contracted to apply acid protection to a newly constructed delivery and storage tank bund. We developed a comprehensive acid-resistant and anti-slip solution that provides the owner long-term peace of mind and ensures this asset will be protected for years to come.


Aluminum Refinery


98% Sulphuric Acid


New Concrete


The asset owner required internal protection for their new 500m² delivery bund and storage tank area


Acid etch all surfaces to be coated to achieve a suitable ‘key” for coatings application

Thoroughly rinse all surfaces to neutralize the surface prior to the application of coatings

Apply one coat of RH 800 @ 100µm DFT

Repair cracks and holes using compatible epoxy filler

Apply one coat of RF 500 Blue @ 250µm DFT – 300µm DFT

One coat of RF 500 Grey @ 200µm DFT – 250µm DFT whilst introducing a non-slip medium during application

Finish with one full coat of RF 500 Grey @ 150µm DFT – 200µm DFT


Primer-  Damp-crete™ RH 800

Finish – Epo-Chem  RF 500


Base Plate Corrosion Prevention

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Industrial Fallout Protection

After whip abrasive blasting Application of Epo-chem system to internals Basalt Fibre application on internals OVERVIEW:    A steel production plant contracted Chemcote to reinforce

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