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Abrasive Blasting Solutions

corrosion control

Chemcote Specialty Coatings have extensive experience in abrasive blasting and mechanical surface preparation using a range of media and equipment tailored to the asset owners requirements.

Abrasive blast on site
Abrasive blast process vessel

With over 30 years experience in the heavy industrial sector, Chemcote have the equipment & expertise to offer the following;

  • 3 tonne Mega Blasters – Capacity for 3 abrasive blasters to work from one unit, eliminating the need to stop
  • 150 kg Blast Pots – for those smaller abrasive blasting projects where real estate is limited.
  • Small hand held unit – for difficult to access areas.
  • Automated pipe blasting equipment.
  • Specialised Abrasive blasting nozzles allowing 25mm diameter pipe internals to be surface treated.
  • Hollow nozzles and angle nozzles used for difficult geometric fabrications.
  • Pipe internals from 19mm upwards can be abrasive blasted to the Australian Standard 1627.4
  • Blast Room Facility

Chemcote have the facilities and equipment to carry out work within our workshop in a large enclosed chamber or on site around the clock during time critical outages.

Mechanical preparation using Bristle Blasting tool in preparation for coating
Mechanical cleaning using MBX bristle blaster

Selecting the Correct Blast Media

With the focus being long term corrosion prevention on a variety of substrates ranging from Concrete, Steel, or some of the exotics such as 316L Stainless Steel or bronze alloys, it is important to ensure the correct profile is achieved with consideration for galvanic reactions found between the use of steel shot on a stainless steel surface.

Needle gun, mechanical cleaning surface preparation before coating
Needle gun
Surface preparation using a scabbler for heavily corroded areas
Scabbler for heavily corroded areas