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Structural Steel

Industry:                             Power Generation   Date: 2015   Substrate: Critical support structure for 40 year old overhead pipe services into turbine hall   Products: Epo-chem RS 500P™ a wet and surface tolerant mio epoxy primer and Epo-chem™ RA 500 series, a moisture […]

Chem-tect™ 300 Series for Self Cleaning Strainer

Externals on arrival Degree of pitting after repetitive hot wash and abrasive blasting Internals near completion, build up shaft lands Back Wash Cover assembly OVERVIEW:    Our client’s strainer has been in service for 30 years. Upon inspection of the strainer body, back wash covers & critical dimensions found the substrate to be severely corroded, […]

Epo-chem™ 500 Series for Pump & Base

Pump with factory shop primer Completed coated pump Application of final coat Complete coating of pump, coupling guard, channel base frame and two pole motor OVERVIEW:    Steel multi-stage pump assemblies in an 80°C corrosive aqueous ammonia environment required long term protection. The external coating system was required to act as a corrosion barrier for […]

Sea Chest

Corrosion on cast iron sea chest prior to treatment Sea chest after abrasive blasting Sea chest after 3 coats of RB 300 Series and 2 coats of RC 200 to prevent marine growth OVERVIEW:    The internals of a sea chest located in the engine room were heavily corroded and required refurbishment and protection against salt […]

Cold & Wet Pipe Externals

Before – Ammonia Bullet Pipelines After – Coated Pipework OVERVIEW:    The ammonia lines had been in service since the plant was built. This has caused severe external corrosion caused holes to form in the pipe and there were no spare lines for the plant to be shutdown. Very expensive pipe sealing clamps were in […]

Repair Abrasion Erosion effected Pipe Internals

Internals illustrating erosion damage and rebate Abrasive blasted and primed internal and external Basalt Fibre Applied to externals InD-cote internal Pipe re-installed after 2 days now ready for service OVERVIEW:    After regularly replacing these sections of pipe due to failure on a monthly basis a solution was sought from Chemcote using a combination of […]

Exhaust Stacks External Corrosion

Methane Gas Power Plant Corroded exhaust pipes and manifolds Extent of surface corrosion Exhaust stacks after 5 years in service OVERVIEW:    Exhaust stacks in a methane gas power plant are genuine workhorses. There’s no time for rest, and they need to be productive 24/7. Obviously, corrosion protection is a real challenge, but one that […]

Pool Filtration

Abrasive blasted internals and externals Tube plates coated Flange face rebated to allow for coating application and prevent crevice corrosion QA included Spark Testing and DFT checks OVERVIEW:    This 304 Stainless Steel Seawater/treatment water pool filtration system required provision of long term corrosion protection with a quick turnaround INDUSTRY Water Treatment ENVIRONMENT Seawater/chlorinated – […]

Hot Car Structure

Hot Car approaching quench area Access provided for fabrication and coating repairs RE 500P Applied to mech clean surface Unplanned field welds requiring repair After being in service for 3 weeks OVERVIEW:    Engineers had tried and tested many different coatings with varied results for this Hot Coking Coal Quenching Structure. Major structural steel repairs were […]


OVERVIEW:    Tube sheets of this chiller were severely corroded due to a galvanic reaction between dissimilar metals. There was also severe pitting corrosion on sealing faces. A 72 hour shutdown period was utilised to complete the work with the tube internals were protected from abrasive blasting damage by inserting specially designed plastic caps. INDUSTRY […]