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Bridge Piles


Bridge Piles





July 2009,



Bridge Piles,



Epo-chem™ RA 500UW,



Immersed, aggressive marine conditions,



The Client required the bridge piles to be repaired and protected from the immersed aggressive marine conditions. A solvent free, underwater coating was required to reduce Microbiological Induced Corrosion (MIC) and provide corrosion resistance to the marine environment.


 U-W Bridge - photo 1U-W Bridge photo3U-W Bridge photo 4

Corroded bridge piles       Coating underwater         Set-up on dive barge


Chemco’s Solution:

RA 500UW was recommended for its solvent free properties and its ability to coat and cure underwater on poorly prepared metal and concrete substrates. This product reduces the risk of both MIC and Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) and is recommended for the protection of risers, pipes and structures below the splash zone. It is available in different viscosity for application ease.



Due to the lack of surface preparation required for this coating application, the bridge pile repairs were completed with minimum downtime and without harm to the environment. Chemco’s specialty coating system RA 500UW and our expertise in operating in difficult work environments, ensures long term corrosion protection for the bridge piles despite the aggressive marine conditions.


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