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Corrosion protection ensures a long life for a new 98% Sulphuric Acid Bund

Newly constructed bund Primer application Application of final coat Job completed OVERVIEW:    Chemcote was contracted to apply acid protection to a newly constructed delivery and storage tank bund. We developed a comprehensive acid-resistant and anti-slip solution that provides the owner long-term peace of mind and ensures this asset will be protected for years to […]

Long Term Protection Of ISOtainers

Newly fabricated tank internals Tank Internals Confined space entry Completed tanks for delivery to customer OVERVIEW:    The asset owner approached us to provide protection for their for their new investment, 304 Stainless Steel tanks which would contain 13-15% Sodium Hypochlorite INDUSTRY Chemical Production ENVIRONMENT 13-15% Sodium Hypochlorite SUBSTRATE New 304 Stainless Steel CHALLENGE Asset […]

Chemical Storage Tank Relining

Site set up Condition upon inspection After Blasting Coating Complete OVERVIEW:    When you’re storing harsh chemicals like sulphonic acid, unfortunately deterioration, staining, and corrosion are inevitable. That’s why relining storage tanks with high-performance anti-corrosion products is so important. INDUSTRY Chemical ENVIRONMENT Sulphonic Acid Storage at 50°C SUBSTRATE Chemical Storage Tank – Mild Steel, with […]

Protection of Agitator Shaft in Chemical Plant

Duplex shafts blasted with 1st coat applied Application of final coating Coated and installed Waste processing plant OVERVIEW:    Urgent project deadlines required a fast turnaround of repairs to a chemical plant agitator. Chemcote was able to provide a solution that met strict QA requirements, including DFT and holiday testing to the required voltage. Our […]

Chem-tect™ RA 300 for Stainless Steel Agitator shaft

On arrival Stainless Steel Agitator Close up illustrating chemical resistant cloth application Final coat applied ready for post cure and packaging for return transport OVERVIEW:    The Stainless Steel Agitator shaft  in an Ambient temperature high range pH mixing tank required application of a high temperature and chemically resistant coating system in a very fast […]

Chem-tect™ 300 Series for Concrete Bund

Tanks leaking and pooling chemicals Removal of 10 year old lining Priming and filling complete Completed work, ready for new tank installation OVERVIEW:    Maximum life expectancy was top on the list when this galvanising plant was looking for a new coating solution. We managed to save time and money during the installation of the […]

Refurbish Fibreglass Tanker

12,000 litre rigid tank Underside of outlet Faulty join between the elbow and pipe section, showing void New outlet installed and tank hydrostatically tested OVERVIEW:    Chemcote was able to successfully refurbish this asset owner’s 5 year old FRP tanker to protect against Sodium Hypochlorite. The surface was treated to neutralise the pH and composite […]

Cold & Wet Pipe Externals

Before – Ammonia Bullet Pipelines After – Coated Pipework OVERVIEW:    The ammonia lines had been in service since the plant was built. This has caused severe external corrosion caused holes to form in the pipe and there were no spare lines for the plant to be shutdown. Very expensive pipe sealing clamps were in […]

Repairs and Coating of Bund Area

Before: Corroded equipment Work in progress After: Flooring Coated for further asset protection OVERVIEW:    The customer required repairs to be carried to their Chlorine plant whilst still operating. Our range of solvent free and low odour RF 500 and RD 900 systems were the perfect solution with excellent moisture tolerant properties (ideal for water blasting) […]

Fibreglass Pods

Ventilation of tanks during work Osmosis blisters in the failed lining Coating and pit fill Finished Product OVERVIEW:    Chemcote were enlisted to carry out exploratory cleaning and pH neutralisation on these fibreglass pods. We assessed the fibreglass’ structural suitability to remain in service and carried out repairs to extend the life of the lining […]