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Preventing Stress Corrosion Pitting

Site Layout before equipment setup Previously applied coatings delaminated Ammonia Absorber Circulation Tank OVERVIEW:    The 304 stainless steel ammonia absorber and circulation tank experience temperatures of up to 100°C and an aggressive Chemical environment.  The prevention of stress corrosion pitting was achieved in the heat affected areas by applying corrosion protection on the entire […]

Using 500 Series in Preventing Hang Up on Matcon Valve

During Inspection On Arrival Internals Coated Externals Complete OVERVIEW:    Chemco’s  Ceram-chem™ system was used to rebuild the internal profile of this valve, and coat to prevent future corrosion and abrasion. In addition, RP 500 creates a slippery surface preventing hang up and blockage issues, maximising the valve’s efficiency. INDUSTRY Mineral Processing ENVIRONMENT Coke breeze […]

Epo-chem™ 500 Series for Pump & Base

Pump with factory shop primer Completed coated pump Application of final coat Complete coating of pump, coupling guard, channel base frame and two pole motor OVERVIEW:    Steel multi-stage pump assemblies in an 80°C corrosive aqueous ammonia environment required long term protection. The external coating system was required to act as a corrosion barrier for […]

Hot Air Impeller

Pre balanced coated fan RU 500 Low friction finish Completed coated and balanced fan using RS 500P & RU 500 OVERVIEW:    The fabricated carbon steel fan came under attack from atmospheric moisture and abrasion due to crystalline quartz dust in the hot air fumes that it was extracting. This resulted in costly unplanned shut-downs and […]

Ventilation Fan

During Fabrication Application of primer by hand due to complexity View of fan on completion OVERVIEW:    The fan required pressure washing every 3-6 months to prevent large amounts of build up. This build up was causing balancing issues and unnecessary bearing load. Chemcote was engaged to improve the efficiency of the fan, decrease problems […]