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Industrial Fallout Protection

After whip abrasive blasting Application of Epo-chem system to internals Basalt Fibre application on internals OVERVIEW:    A steel production plant contracted Chemcote to reinforce a failing 25 year old corrugated pipe located in a settling pond.   INDUSTRY Power Generation and Transmission ENVIRONMENT Storm water with coke fines fall out from coke basin SUBSTRATE […]

Fast Curing Abrasion Protection

Condition of surface before mechanical preparation RB 364 applied to spot abrasive blasted surfaces Pugmill externals Coating with InD Cote OVERVIEW:    Chemcote’s specialist team mobilised to site to deliver a multiple layer protective coating system that would return the asset to working condition within 24 hours. Abrasion resistant coatings were applied to the pugmill […]

Split Case Salt Water Pump Refurbishment

Apply protection to all machined surfaces Application of 1st coat RB 364 Apply Ceram-Chem RP500 Ready to return to service for another 15+ years of life OVERVIEW:    Pump has been in service for 15 + years providing the customer with peace of mind, and uninterrupted service, localised spot repairs were required due to mechanical […]

Composite Pipe Repair

Flange is barely attached Repairs commence Repairs using composite weave mat Coating complete OVERVIEW:    A power station client required corrosion protection for a 30-plus year-old mild steel pipe, which discharges 60oC seawater from a condenser at high velocity. Following an assessment of the damaged steel pipe, Chemcote carried out composite repair and corrosion protection […]

Refurbishment of Basket Strainer

After fabrication repairs After abrasive blasting, pitting visible Finished 300 Series Vinyl Ester Internals nearing completion OVERVIEW:    Customer required long term corrosion protection for significantly damaged 25 year old asset. A quick turn-around was required to meet project milestone targets and was achieved with minimal disruption to rolling mill operations. Chemcote ensure all QA […]

Duo Chek Valve

Masking and ready for abrasive blasting Application of multiple coats of RB364 internally Holiday testing to ensure coating continuity Coating complete OVERVIEW:    Chemcote was engaged to provide long term anti corrosion protection to a power generation customer’s sea water valves INDUSTRY Power Generation ENVIRONMENT Ambient sea water at high velocity   SUBSTRATE Mild steel […]

Pipe External Corrosion Protection

Existing corrosion, mech prep after UHPWB Application of spot primer Mid coat applied to affected areas After application of topcoat OVERVIEW:    Chemcote was engaged to provide long term protection to assets in a highly aggressive environment. Salt water mains supplying a condenser were externally corroded, and the requirement was for urgent repairs with minimal […]

22 year old pipes coated with glass flake vinyl ester

Internal lining in excellent condition Abrasive blast externals Recoating of externals Recoating of externals in basement OVERVIEW:    The pipes were originally coated internally using a glass flake filled vinyl ester more than 22 years ago. Periodic inspection found the internal lining to be in excellent condition, however the externals were regularly exposed to industrial […]

Premature Failure of 316L Stainless Steel Pipes

Severe pitting after 2 months in service After abrasive blasting Damaged internals rebuilt and coated Externally applied caution OVERVIEW:    New 316L pipe failed after just two months in operation, causing a total plant shut down. Quick response by Chemcote restored production without having to fabricate new pipes. INDUSTRY Power Generation ENVIRONMENT Ambient temperature seawater […]

Refurbishment of J Strainer using Vinyl Ester – RB 300

Needle Gunning to minimise Abrasive Blasting Costs First coat applied after abrasive blasting Pitfilling to ensure coating continuity Reassembly on site OVERVIEW:    Illustrated a sound understanding of the results required to refurbish and extend the life of heavily corroded equipment. Proven performance after 20 years of using “Chemco International” coatings.Chemcote has provided long term […]