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Preventing blockages using Chemcote Solution

Condition of surface before mechanical preparation RB 364 applied to spot abrasive blasted surfaces Pugmill externals Coating with InD Cote Previous Next OVERVIEW:    A composite solution was used to restore the plant roof preventing moisture from entering and clogging up the entire fume suppression system. With the plant area back in service, the patched […]

Base Plate Corrosion Prevention

Repairs required Application of Primer Coating applied to affected areas After application of Topcoat Previous Next OVERVIEW:    A 40 year old excess gas bleeder structure had been previously repaired by another contractor. Their coating failed within 2 years. Chemcote was engaged to rectify the faulty repairs with minimal interruption to plant service. After inspections carried […]

Corrosion Protection of Super Duplex against Sulphuric Acid

Condition before blasting and coating Vessel after blasting and coating External after blasting and coating OVERVIEW:    Critical minerals such as nickel are often processed in industrial environments where exposure to chemicals and by-products are far from conducive to corrosion prevention. Combatting the elements like acid rain and atmospheric corrosion can be detrimental to plant […]

Preventing Stress Corrosion Pitting

Site Layout before equipment setup Previously applied coatings delaminated Ammonia Absorber Circulation Tank OVERVIEW:    The 304 stainless steel ammonia absorber and circulation tank experience temperatures of up to 100°C and an aggressive Chemical environment.  The prevention of stress corrosion pitting was achieved in the heat affected areas by applying corrosion protection on the entire […]

Improve Pump Efficiency with Chemco

After abrasive blast and heat treatment Internal coating completion Re-assembly OVERVIEW:    The 8 year old pump had dropped off in efficiency due to the combination of corrosion erosion and mechanical fatigue. This was due to a poorly specified and applied coating which was delaminating allowing corrosion to exist. INDUSTRY Water Utilities ENVIRONMENT River Water […]