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Improve Pump Efficiency with Chemco

After abrasive blast and heat treatment Internal coating completion Re-assembly OVERVIEW:    The 8 year old pump had dropped off in efficiency due to the combination of corrosion erosion and mechanical fatigue. This was due to a poorly specified and applied coating which was delaminating allowing corrosion to exist. INDUSTRY Water Utilities ENVIRONMENT River Water […]

Pool Filtration

Abrasive blasted internals and externals Tube plates coated Flange face rebated to allow for coating application and prevent crevice corrosion QA included Spark Testing and DFT checks OVERVIEW:    This 304 Stainless Steel Seawater/treatment water pool filtration system required provision of long term corrosion protection with a quick turnaround INDUSTRY Water Treatment ENVIRONMENT Seawater/chlorinated – […]

Pump Repairs

On arrival ready for chamfer grinding Chamfer on split face and removal of salts Pitt-filling and intermediate coat applied Completion of internal lining OVERVIEW:    A customer was looking for a longer term solution to a corrosion erosion issue. Glass flake filled coatings provide excellent insulating properties against corrosion and the ceramic filled epoxy provides […]

Aerobic Reactor

Plant in operation Corroded Floor Abrasive Blasting in progress Preparation of top coat OVERVIEW:    This Mild Steel Aerobic Reactor containing effluent waste water required a cost effective coating system offering a long-term anti-corrosion solution. Priming with RS 500P, followed by RA 500 top coat will ensure 15 years service life. INDUSTRY Water Treatment ENVIRONMENT […]