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RB 300 series used on Self Cleaning Strainer


RB 300 series used on Self Cleaning Strainer


Power Generation


November 2018


Carbon steel


Chem-tectRB 332, glass flake filled vinyl ester and proprietary reinforced composites


Sea Water


A short time frame due to critical power shortage stopping other major processes forced weekend work to commence. Rebuild and reinforce flanges and provide defect free corrosion protection.

Chemcote’s Solution

Remove failed coating and hot wash components. Stencil existing profiles and make a template. Pre-abrasive blast and hot wash cycle to reduce soluble salts to an acceptable level.

Heavy pitting corrosion including exposed holes
Degree of pitting after repetitive hot wash and abrasive blasting
Casting sealing faces, ready for clean up
Holiday testing to ensure coating continuity


Abrasive blast Self Cleaning Strainer to AS 1627.4 Class 3 Application of RB 332 to the internals including flanges. Reinforce casting using Composite repair techniques to reinstate original strength. Holiday testing up to 12kV to detect and rectify defects


Refurbishing the self cleaning strainer back wash boxes saved the customer 8 days in fabrication time and money ensuring production is not interrupted. RB 364 will provide long term protection coupled with the addition of composite reinforcement.