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Coating Specification and Inspection

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Coating Specification and Inspection

The wrong specification can cause coating failure. A good coating specification will include all steps to be followed to obtain the best result.

Some of the considerations to achieve low life cycle costs include;

  • Substrate Material
  • Environment i.e. chemical concentrations, salt water
  • Process temperatures, including excursions
  • Time frame allowable for refurbishment or project schedule
  • Expected life before next maintenance schedule
A sample of QA testing equipment we use

Part of our project management training includes NACE or ACA certification. Our coating inspectors have years of experience in the specification and application of protective coating systems.

As part of our standard Quality Assurance Procedures we carry out the following;

  • In-house salt testing on all refurbishment projects.
  • In-house surface profile testing and recording.
  • In-house High Voltage Holiday Detection to the required Australian Standard
  • In-house Adhesion Testing where required.
  • In-house Dry Film Thickness and Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Holiday testing RB 300 internal coating
Holiday testing RB 300 internal coating