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Column Pump Composite Repairs


Column Pump Composite Repairs


Power Generation


April 2018


Cast Iron Column Pump


Internals, Chem-tect™ RB 364 a glass flake filled vinyl ester. Ceram-chem™ RP 500 a ceramic filled epoxy.

Externals, Epo-chem™ RS 500P a surface and moisture tolerant primer. Epo-chem™ RA 500M a glass flake filled epoxy.


Ambient Salt Water


Chemcote were brought in to carry out pump refurbishment after catastrophic failure of bearing causing the impeller to wear through the casing of the column pump

Chemco’s Solution 

Refurbish pump lining to extend service life using glass flake filled coatings, then top coated using RP 500 to improve fluid flow efficiency.

Condition in situ
Before Blasting
After First Coat
Detailing flange faces of impeller casing
Intermediate Column Externals


Abrasive blast to AS.1627.4 to class 2.5

Masking and protection of critical tolerances and bush area on flange.

Pit filled to allow smooth transition and prevent coating defects

Sand smooth where necessary & application of RB364 to 1,000µm

Internal & external holiday testing to ensure coating continuity using the required voltage to suit the dry film thickness.

Application of the top coat Ceram-chem RP 500


Improved corrosion resistance and fluid flow efficiency through the quality assurance process employed by Chemco.