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Condenser Corrosion Protection

OVERVIEW:    Chemcote were approached to refurbish the recirculated water condenser unit from 1981. Repairs were made to tubes that were leaking out onto the tube sheet and localised areas of metal loss that were affecting the tube sheet interface. 


Up to 60°C Recirculated Water


Cast Iron


The condenser unit was manufactured in 1981 and installed shortly after. There was some metal loss in localised areas across the tube sheet and some of the tube to sheet interface was affected. It was also found that some tubes were leaking out onto the tube sheet.


We recommended coating with RP 500, an epoxy coating utilising very robust ceramic technology. RP 500 provides a hard wearing, abrasion resistant impermeable barrier to provide long term protection in this environment.


Abrasive blast to AS1627.4, 75 µm nominal profile and removal of all existing coating

Application of RP 500 in one coat at 250 µm

Perform Wet Film Thickness test to ensure proper coverage

Pit fill to provide a smooth finish and coating continuity

Application of second coat of RP 500 at a total nominal thickness of 500 µm

Perform wet film thickness test to ensure proper coverage


Chemcote was able to refurbish the tube sheets within the strict time frame given by the client. This application will provide at least 10 years of condenser corrosion protection.


Base Plate Corrosion Prevention

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