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Chem-tect RB 300 series for CW Pipe Spools

OVERVIEW:    Steel Sea Water pipe spools had a failed concrete lining and required a quick turnaround and long term corrosion protection.

Working around the clock, we coated the spools with a robust glass flake filled vinyl ester and non toxic anti foul copper based epoxy to prevent marine growth.




Sea Water


Steel with failed concrete lining


A short time frame requiring quick turnaround. Pipe spools required long term corrosion protection


Working around the clock, preparing surfaces and coating pipe spools with RB 300 series, a robust glass flake filled vinyl ester and top coating with a non toxic anti foul copper based epoxy preventing marine growth


Grind welds and sharp edges

Grind rebate to all flange faces to prevent crevice corrosion caused by misaligned gaskets

Abrasive blast to Class 3 AS 1627.4 75 micron profile (nominal)

Apply of 2 coats of RB 300 to a DFT of 1200 microns and 1 coat polymer copper

Carry out QA including holiday test @ 8kV and confirm thickness

Externals protected with 2 coats of RL 500PF and topcoat PU


An extremely fast turnaround and cure time meant that the pipe spool was back in production quickly (in this case, 3 days). With Chemcote’s protective coatings, the pipe is expected to exceed life requirement of 25 years as well as reduce maintenance cost in the future. No fouling of internals from marine growth for many years to come.


Base Plate Corrosion Prevention

Repairs required Application of Primer Coating applied to affected areas After application of Topcoat Previous Next OVERVIEW:    A 40 year old excess gas bleeder structure

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