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Emergency Condenser Water Box Repairs


Emergency Condenser Water Box Repairs


Power Generation


January 2018


Water Box – Steel recently coated using ceramic filled epoxy


Epo-Chem™ RS500P and RA500M glass flake filled epoxy


Pressure vessel containing clean brackish water at ambient temp


Carry out composite repair (rated to 1200psi) to hole through including ongoing repairs during short outages to failing ceramic lining.

Chemcote’s Solution 

RS 500P is a surface and wet tolerant Mio Epoxy primer designed for application on surfaces where high humidity is a concern. Due to its shorter cure time it was also used to laminate the damaged area (internally and externally) to enable rapid return of water box to service.

On Arrival
After reinforcing with composite mat
External Composite Repair


Needle gun and bristle blast internal and externals of the affected area, spot blast 100mm of coating outside of the repair area.

Carry out composite repairs to Chemcote’s specifications using RS500P.

Application of top coat Epo-Chem RA500M to a nominal WFT of 250-300µm.


Continuous repairs are required after relining in 2015 using a ceramic filled epoxy was found to have localised failures within 3 months of installation. All repairs carried out by Chemcote have been found to be in excellent condition.