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End Covers


End Covers





Mar 2011,



Floating heads and channel end covers cast from various exotic materials,



Chem-tect™ RB 332,
Epo-chem™ RL 500PF,



Salt water at elevated temperature,



The end covers were originally coated by another contractor with varying results. Some items were made from exotic materials and had minor pitting along the sealing face and localised areas.


end coversend cover PETR3 photo 4

End cover pitted & corroded    Sealing face built up         Rebates filled


Chemco’s Solution:

To prevent long term corrosion by applying RB 332 to the internals of the end covers. Sealing areas showing signs of corrosion pitting were pre-machined to allow for 1mm of coating to be applied and post machined on completion.



  • High pressure washed internal & externals
  • Inspection of damaged/heat affected areas
  • Abrasive blasting to better inspect man hole cover
  • Pitfill application of RB 332 series in 2 coats
  • Thickness tested to ensure a minimum of 750µm and holiday test at 6Kv
  • Externals: Application of 2 coats of RL 500PF to a nominal thickness of 300µm
  • Application of 2 coats of N35 Luxathane R



Chemco delivered a fast turnaround, reducing down-time for the client in the short term and delivering the end covers with expected long term corrosion protection.


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