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Structural Steel


Power Generation






Critical support structure for 40 year old overhead pipe services into turbine hall



Epo-chem RS 500P™ a wet and surface tolerant mio epoxy primer and Epo-chem™ RA 500 series, a moisture tolerant glass flake filled epoxy top coat, providing excellent long term corrosion resistance.



15°C – 60°C sea water



The original coating specification was considered as an atmospheric environment, upon inspection it was found that regular leaks changed the structural steel exposure to immersed causing the original paint systems to fail.

Budget restrictions, access difficulties and age were all a consideration. No abrasive blasting was possible as the costs would’ve been prohibitive with containment and clean up.


Typical extent of corrosion found
Typical extent of corrosion found
Illustrating general corrosion pitting and holes
Illustrating general corrosion pitting and holes
Progress of treatment
Progress of treatment
Critical support structure now protected
Critical support structure now protected


Chemco’s Solution:

  • Reclassify from atmospheric exposure to immersed due to the regular salt water leaks.
  • High pressure water blast up to 20,000 psi using our small foot print machine after mechanical clean in the difficult to reach areas.
  • Application of Epo-chem™ RS 500P to a nominal thickness of 100µm and top coat using Epo- chem™ RA 500 with a nominal DFT of 350µm



Saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in replacement costs and the asset owner is rest-assured that Chemco will provide long term corrosion protection, evident through the years of applications around the power station.


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