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Floating Restaurant Structure Repairs Using Underwater Curing Epoxies


Floating Restaurant Structure Repairs Using Underwater Curing Epoxies




October 2017


Steel Brackets

Epo-chem™ RS 500P a surface and moisture tolerant primer

Epo-chem™ RA 500M a glass flake filled epoxy




The use of underwater curing epoxies was the most practical solution for this project. In the complete refurbishment of the underside of this floating structure, some areas were replaced. Others areas required repairs to be done in-situ by using underwater curing epoxies. A team of experienced divers applied the underwater curing epoxy coating.

Chemcote’s Solution

Chemcote’s surface tolerant Epo chem™ system is able to provide full coverage to surfaces where ideal surface preparation cannot be achieved

epoxy paint applied underwater

Condition after application of 2nd coat

under water curing epoxy
After application of second coat
application of under water curing epoxy
After application of a second coat
completed under water epoxy
Final Application


Repairs were carried out at low tide where possible. Freshwater washing sections provide suitable surface preparation before applying the underwater curing epoxies.

Removal of large, flaking corroded areas and coating back to bare steel by mechanical preparation using pneumatic needle gun, air chisel, scabbling and bristle blaster

Preparation underwater to St 2 by using an underwater grinder
Primer applied to create a continuous coating without pinholes wearing gloves and application mitts.

The product was lathered on in small, workable sections and cured overnight

The next day at low tide, the repair area above the surface was washed with fresh water, then RA 500M, glass flake filled topcoat was applied to above and below water sections


By coating with Epo chem™, follow up inspections indicate the coating and repairs are still in good condition and is expected to exceed 10 years life in service