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Fume Suppression Pipe

OVERVIEW:    Chemcote were approached by a Steel Manufacturing customer to extend the life of the externals and save replacement of conical, 6mm wall pipe sections for fume suppression pipe.


Abrasive Coke Breeze ranging in temperatures from 60-100°C


Externals of Conical Sections of 6mm wall pipe sections


Inspections found wall thickness to be worn internally after 25 years in service. This was prevalent immediately beyond the weld from the straight sections in the concentric reducers.


Critical areas to be identified by NDT for the application of the            RB 332AR & Alumina Tiles. Basalt Fibre wrap was chosen over Carbon Fibre due to its natural characteristics providing a combination of improved temperature and abrasion resistance.


Mechanical Clean and solvent wipe. 

Trowel application of RB 332AR to the externals

Application of RB 332AR on the weld lows to ensure a firm bed for the tiles to be laid on

Application of Hex Alumina tiles using the RB 332AR providing an abrasion resistant adhesive

Application of Basalt Fibre wrap using RB 300 Series and top coat using RB 300AR 

Final top coat using RC 500GTC


Strainer was completed in time for re-assembly. RB 332 will provide long term protection coupled with the non-toxic anti-foul coating will prevent marine growth for a minimum of 5 years.


Base Plate Corrosion Prevention

Repairs required Application of Primer Coating applied to affected areas After application of Topcoat Previous Next OVERVIEW:    A 40 year old excess gas bleeder structure

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Industrial Fallout Protection

After whip abrasive blasting Application of Epo-chem system to internals Basalt Fibre application on internals OVERVIEW:    A steel production plant contracted Chemcote to reinforce

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