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Gas Scrubbing Pipe

OVERVIEW:    The internals of the gas scrubbing pipe were previously lined using a ceramic filled epoxy which was visibly failing with signs of osmotic blisters. Chemcote removed the failed lining and provided long term corrosion protection


40-60°C Saturated Blast Furnace Gas – carbonic acid, which in turn reacts with iron to form iron carbonate and hydrogen gas


Mild Steel Fabrication


The internals of the pipe which were previously lined using a ceramic filled epoxy were visibly failing with signs of osmotic blisters. Remove failed lining and provide long term corrosion protection


Remove the failed ceramic filled lining by UHPWB and carry out further inspection. We recommended the application of RB 300 series@ 1200μm nominal thickness.


Assess on arrival

Abrasive blast to AS 1627.4 2005 Class 3, with a minimum 75μm profile

Hot wash to assist in the removal of metallic salts

Application of 3 coats of RB 300 series

Carry out high voltage Spark Test to ensure coating continuity and DFT checks

External application of RL 500PF in 2 coats

Top coat using RC 500 in two coats in Y44


Customer saved thousands of dollars in replacement costs. With Chemcote’s application providing long term corrosion protection, many other components have been refurbished using similar methods both on site and within our fully equipped workshop located in Wollongong.


Base Plate Corrosion Prevention

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Industrial Fallout Protection

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