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High Voltage Transmission Towers


High Voltage Transmission Towers


Power Transmission,



2002 to 2010,



Galvanised Steel,



Chem-tect™ RB 300,



Atmospheric –buried low or high pH soil depending on location,



Metal loss was detected on some legs of the transmission towers while other legs showed signs of severe corrosion at the highly susceptible natural air/ground interface of the steel members.

The client needed help in strengthening the legs of the affected transmission towers and was looking for a solution that would last 50 years. This was highlighted as a necessity for the towers that are in areas exposed to varying pH level soil & prone to poor water drainage and flooding.


PGEN 9 photo 1 PGEN 9 photo 3 PGEN 9 photo 2

Metal loss detected    Splicing corroded members    After coating


Chemco’s Solution:

We recommended coating with RB 300, a glass-flake filled vinyl ester, which has excellent resistance to corrosive environments. It provides a tough impermeable barrier suitable for steel and concrete surfaces. This system, once applied, can prevent future corrosion on the steel legs of the transmission towers for the next 50 years.



  • Excavate and break out foundation, removal of earthing strap if required.
  • Install wire rope sling on transverse face according to wind direction, rope tension – 3.5kN, min SWL – 23kN
  • Remove tower bolts and clamp reinforced angle steel inside existing leg, match drilling process
  • Holes sprayed with Cold Gal & high tensile bolts used
  • Punched bolts so that nuts don’t come loose
  • Abrasive blast & apply RB 332 as per specification.
  • K-brace strengthening
  • Polymer concrete independently tested and rated up to 65 MPa (NATA certification)
  • Non-shrink to prevent gap between concrete and steel surfaces



The customer was most satisfied with the outcome. Chemco Australia has been awarded subsequent jobs due to the success of these repairs.


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