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Hot Car Bogie


Hot Car Bogie


Steel Manufacturing


June 2018


Hot Car Bogie – Carbon steel substrate


Epo-Chem RW 500  & RP 500


Hot Car Bogie for a 1,000°C Coking Coal transport wagon, quenched using 80°C water


Abrasive blasting is not always possible on site due to work alongside other trades and tight time frames, mechanical surface preparation is undertaken.

Chemco’s Solution

RE 500P is a surface tolerant high temperature resistant epoxy coating. It is an innovative single coat maintenance system with outstanding adhesion to less prepared substrates.

Top coated with RW 500, glassflake filled, high temperature resistant Novolac Epoxy, the system provides excellent corrosion resistance in this environment.

Mechanical Preparation of Bogie

Mechanical Preparation of Bogie

Heavily Corroded Bogie On Site

RE 500P Applied to Mechanically Prepared Surface


Abrasive blast Hot Car Bogie to AS 1627.4 Class 2.5 with a nominal 50-75µm profile

Application of RE 500P in one coat at 100µm nominal

Assembly by Fabricator

Mechanical clean/sand gear boxes

Application of Epo-Chem RW500 in two coats


Chemco had previously completed successful repairs on hot car structures in situ, we were asked to provide the same solution for repairs to the hot car bogies

Engineers had previously tried different coatings with varied results. The aggressive environment had required structural steel repairs to be carried out every two years as the regular thermocycling in service exceeds many coatings limitations.

A yearly inspection of Chemcote’s high temperature coating systems has indicated that our linings are in much better condition with less maintenance required, reducing downtime and resources.