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Long Term Corrosion Protection to Screw Agitator

OVERVIEW:    Customer was looking for a quick turn around food safe coating that will provide corrosion and erosion resistance. We ensure strict QA procedures are followed including DFT and holiday testing to the required voltage to ensure many years of service


Constant salt water contact in seaweed filtering process


Carbon steel Auger with a red oxide coating, in service for 2 years


Agitator had deteriorated over time causing rust and scale to contaminate the product


Repeat abrasive blasting and hot washing to reduce metallic salts below 25 ppm. Pit filling of deep metal loss and composite reinforcement where required


Abrasive blast to AS 1627.4 Class 2.5, nominal 75µm profile.

High pressure hot wash to reduce soluble salt levels below 25ppm

Repeat Abrasive Blast

Insert backing rod in shaft end to prevent blocking up with coating

1 coat of RS500P at 100µm nominal thickness

2 coats of RA500M at 600µm nominal thickness

Carry out QA, spark test at 4kV and DFT to confirm coating integrity


Quick turn-around allowing auger to return to service within the month

Strict QA requirements including DFT and holiday testing to the required voltage to ensure many years of service


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Industrial Fallout Protection

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