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Our corrosion engineers specialise in corrosion protection and coatings for marine and offshore assets.


Marine and Offshore Assets

Seawater and the warmer temperatures in our region combine to create a perfect environment for corrosion in Australia. Splash, tidal zones, waves and waterlines offer changing oxygen levels which worsen the effects of corrosion. Most marine and offshore structures have a variety of metals, fabrication and welding procedures. This makes them more susceptible to corrosive attack.

Chemcote Australia understands the significance of the damage corrosion causes and provides a comprehensive array of marine coatings and offshore corrosion protection solutions.

Marine applications of chemco
Oil rig using Chemcote for solutions

Comprehensive Corrosion Protection Solutions

Our team of highly experienced, NACE trained professionals includes a specialist group of trained corrosion engineers and technicians, who are certified to apply Chemcote products – one of the leading anti-corrosion technologies.

Learn how our engineers can help your company control corrosion through industry-leading anti corrosion coatings.

Chemcote is a world leader in innovative coating solutions in the Marine Coatings industry with over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of unique, state of the art technology.

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Chemco have the solution for any marine protective coating
Chemcote have the solution for any marine protective coating