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Oil Storage Tank


Oil Storage Tank


Oil Refinery,






Steel floor with failed coating,



Epo-Chem™ RA 500 series,



Immersed, ambient, possible MIC,



This petrochemical client had 40m diameter fuel oil storage tank with floor and 2m wall which required re-coating. The coating system requirement was for one which offers a long term corrosion solution that will provide in excess of 15 years of service. Time-constraint as the tanks had to return to service as soon as possible.


OIL 3 photo 1 inside of oil storage tank OIL 3 photo 2 OIL 3 photo 3

 Coating of oil storage tank floor and walls completed

Chemco’s Solution:

We recommended coating with Chemco RA 564, a glass-flake reinforced epoxy resin system that can provide long term corrosion protection in the storage tank for more than 15 years. This coating also provided extremely fast turnaround and cure time, the oil storage tank could be returned to production quickly. The coatings moisture tolerance meant there was no requirement for de-humidification, hence cost is reduced and no delays with weather.



  • Abrasive blast to Class 2.5 AS1627.4,
  • Application of 2 coats of RA 564 to a DFT of 100 microns



This solvent free, no odour, no VOC coating solution also meant there were reduced OHS concerns, and no impact on the environment and no restrictions with surrounding trades. The coating’s long term protection also meant the client’s future maintenance costs have been reduced dramatically.


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