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Protection of Agitator Shaft in Chemical Plant


Protection of Agitator Shaft in Chemical Plant





July 2017



Duplex Stainless Steel



Chem-tect™ RB 300 Series – Vinyl ester Glassflake coating – providing excellent resistance against corrosion and abrasion, high temperatures and severe chemical environments.



Installation of new mixing tank containing high pH contents at 60°C, with 50% solid contents and 50% iron hydroxide.



Abrasion protection on leading edges using composites and insitu touch up after re-assembly.


Chemco’s Solution    

Specification and application of RB 300, a high temperature and chemically resistant coating system to get the longest life out of the new plant


Duplex Shafts Blasted with First Coat Applied

Application of Final Coating

Coated and installed

Waste Processing Plant



Abrasive blast to AS 1627.4, class SA 2.5 with a nominal 60µm profile.

application of RB 300 in 2 coats with a nominal thickness of 1,000µm.

Application of 1 layers of 250g/m² multi directional mat CSM

Post cure to 60°C for 4 hours as required to manufacturers specifications



Quick turn-around allowing minimal disruption to meet project milestone targets.

Strict QA requirements including DFT and holiday testing to the required voltage to ensure many years of high performance

This application will provide at least 10 years of corrosion free service with minimal maintenance