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RB 300 Series to Refurbish and Coat J Strainer


RB 300 Series to Refurbish and Coat J Strainer


Power Generation


July 2019


Austenitic iron body


Chem-tect™ RB 364 Series – Glass Flake filled vinyl ester resin
Epo-chem™ RL 500PF to externals


Sea Water


Strainer has been in service for 30 + years. Inspection of the strainer body, back wash covers & critical dimensions found the substrate to be severely corroded, illustrated by the extent of graphitised iron, holes through the casting and diminishing wall thickness

Chemcote’s Solution:

Composite materials were chosen to rebuild the metal loss. We then applied RB 364 series , a glass flake filled vinyl ester consolidated with composite reinforcing to return the casing to its original strength

On Arrival
Surface Preparation on Arrival
Surface Preparation on Arrival
Surface Preparation
Surface Preparation
First coat applied after abrasive blasting
Pitfilling to ensure coating continuity
Application of second coat of RB 364
QA testing being completed
Application of Anti-Foul
Application of Anti-Foul
Application of Anti-Foul
First Coat of Anti-Foul
Externals Completed
Machining of Shaft Landing
Top half complete and ready for re-assembly on site
Top half complete
Ready for reassembly on site
Reassembly on site
Completed on site


Protect threaded holes using backing rod

Abrasive blast and treat to reduce metallic salts by hot washing and re-abrasive blast.

Apply Chem-tect™ RB 364 in two coats where required to obtain minimum thickness of 1,000μm

Pitfill to reduce the sharp edges and pit depth allowing a smooth uniform coating to be applied.

QA included spark testing and DFT to confirm coating integrity

Apply coat of RL 500 PF to externals


After 15 years of Chemcote Coatings providing long term protection on other strainers and their backwash covers within the power station, Chemcote was enlisted for repairs to the 2 large Strainers to one of the main condenser units