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RB 300 series for Cooling Water Systems


RB 300 series for Cooling Water Systems


Petrochemical – Oil Refinery,






Mild Steel water boxes & bronze tube sheets,



Chem-tect™ RB 300 series,



Ambient sea water inlet side and 60-80°C outlet side.



The cooling water system was severely corroded and required refurbishment. The tube sheets were corroded due to a galvanic reaction between dissimilar metals. A 72 hour shut down period was utilised to complete the work. The tube internals required protection from abrasive blasting damage. Sealing faces were suffering severe pitting corrosion also.


cooling water system 1 cooling water system 2Condenser Water Box & cooling water system

Tubesheet on arrival         On completion            Condenser water boxes


Chemco’s Solution:

Tube internals were protected by inserting rubber bungs from internal damage the surface treatment process.

The entire face was abrasive blasted to ensure surface is clean and free of contamination. RB 300 was applied to tube-sheet face, followed by post machine sealing faces to ensure division plates mate, preventing interference and by-passing. Caps were removed.  Chemco also supplied nylon inserts to prevent tube end corrosion & cavitation.



This client has become one of our regular customers. Chemco Australia has conducted numerous jobs for this client over the years, including multiple heat exchanger and condenser units. During a routine 4 year inspection, other cooling water systems coated with the same coating which showed no signs of deterioration.


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