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RB 300 series to Cation Vessel


RB 300 series to Cation Vessel


Power Generation,



August 2002,



10 year old carbon steel vessel,



Chem-tect™ RB 300P & RB 332 ,



Demineralised water,



The vessel was originally rubber lined. Osmotic blistering found during an inspection raised concerns about metal loss due to the loss of lining integrity. Over the years the rubber lining had been patched & repaired to the point it was no longer serviceable. The vessel would take 2 weeks to replace. Chemco recommended an alternative solution which was faster and less disruptive.


PGEN 2 photo 1 PGEN 2 photo 2 PGEN 2 photo 3

Osmotic blistering         Coating completed      Re installation of lateral pipe


Chemco’s Solution:

On close inspection, deep pitting was found beneath the rubber lining. Weld repairs would have delayed the project so Chemco recommended pit-filling to be carried out to reduce down time. The RB 300 series was recommended as the coating requires low maintenance and ease of repair-ability. It will also provide 20 years of corrosion protection.

The entire project was carried out on site over a period of 36 hours allowing a fast return to service with minimum disruption to production. The vessel was ready for use 12 hours after completion.



  • Remove rubber lining.
  • Abrasive blast to AS 1627.4 2005 75
  • Reduce metallic salts using 90°C high pressure water.
  • Application of 1200µm of RB 332: A glass flake filled vinyl ester designed to provide long life corrosion protection.
  • All internal and external flange faces are coated to ensure full protection.
  • High Voltage spark test @ 15kV DC & rectify defects
  • Re-installation of the lateral pipe work.



The cation vessel was inspected 18 months and 5 years after original application and found in excellent condition. There were no signs of corrosion or coating breakdown.


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