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Refurbish Fibreglass Tanker

OVERVIEW:    Chemcote was able to successfully refurbish this asset owner’s 5 year old FRP tanker to protect against Sodium Hypochlorite.

The surface was treated to neutralise the pH and composite repairs with Chemco’s glass flake reinforced vinyl ester were carried out.


13-15% Sodium Hypochlorite


5 year old Fibre Reinforced Plastic Tanker


Asset owner required  us to refurbish Fibreglass tanker carrying sodium hypochlorite refurbished after 5+ years in service. A hydro static testing on both compartments found a weep in the outlet areas. We removed deteriorated parts and searched for soft spots and voids to enable repair to progress.


A large part of the repair process includes decontamination of the surfaces to be treated, one of which includes the pH neutralisation process


Assess internal fibreglass surfaces and structure, remove all noticeably deteriorated outlets and fill points

Whip abrasive blast and remove abrasive material

Create template from paper and carry out composite repairs

Application of RA 332 in 2 coats with a nominal thickness of 1,000μm

Application of RA 300 series in two coats

Post cure as required to Chemcote’s specifications for fibreglass tanker

Return all pipe work, fittings and man ways, carry out hydrostatic test to ensure all repairs carried out are to the required specifications

The success of this project has led the asset owner to nominate Chemco solutions and coating systems for all of the fibreglass tankers in the fleet


Chem-tect™ RB 332, Glass flake reinforced vinyl ester


Chemcote’s solution has extended the life of this asset by 12-24 months, and delivered a 30% improvement in functioning. Continuous high performance is guaranteed until our review at the next planned outage.


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