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Blast Furnace Recovery Turbine Repairs

OVERVIEW:  Chemcote has a 14 year ongoing relationship with this customer to perform maintenance and overhaul work. Regular inspections allow us to document the status of the assets and make recommendations about further servicing. This continual monitoring and timely application of protection has successfully reduced long term maintenance costs for our customer. The case notes below describe the latest co-ordinated overhaul carried out in 2020.


Wet blast furnace gas, from 20-40°C


Steel outlet and inlet spools, flange faces, shut off valves, turbine casing components and manway covers


The overhaul was coordinated and planned for the completion of some components in Chemcote’s workshop

On-site work was carried out by setting up appropriate containment and navigating difficult to access areas to achieve thorough cleaning and surface preparation


Apply Chem-tect RB 364 series to the internals of the pipework and casings in 2 coats where possible

This glassflake filled vinyl ester has proven to be most suitable for applications where good corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties are required


Full treatment where required;

Pressure wash, abrasive blast internals and externals

Full abrasive blasting was carried out on internals on-site for full refurbishment 

Seal redundant holes and split rings using polyurethane

mechanical preparation and small touch-up repair


Epo-chem™ RL 500PF externally

Chem-tect™ RB 364 to coat internals

Epo-Chem™ RW 500 for spot repairs

Reinforcement using Kevlar

Spot repairs using Ind-Cote on struts


Chemcote has successfully reduced long term maintenance costs by carrying out intermittent inspections and documenting recommendations for coating systems used over the 14 year service duty


Base Plate Corrosion Prevention

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Industrial Fallout Protection

After whip abrasive blasting Application of Epo-chem system to internals Basalt Fibre application on internals OVERVIEW:    A steel production plant contracted Chemcote to reinforce

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