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Relining of Open Top Quench Tank


Relining of Open Top Quench Tank


Steel Manufacturing


May 2019


30 Year Old Heavily Pitted Steel

Products                    Chem-tect™ RB 300 Series, a glass flake filled


Environment              Mildly acidic water ranging between 50-70°C

Challenge                   It was too late for some areas requiring replacement and repair of wall plate and internal pedestals supporting the rolls requiring replacement. Removal of the tank wasn’t feasible and an insitu cost effective repair method was required. With live crane rails, great heights and the centre of an active production area to contend with Chemcote came to the rescue.

Chemcote’s Solution Prefabricated items to be coated before installation to reduce application time on site to particularly on difficult to reach areas

Condition before abrasive blasting
Containment set up to prevent dust
Removal of garnet after abrasive blasting
First Coat Spray applied

Scope                         Removal of heavy corrosion and scale by needle gunning, scabbling and chiselling exposed the condition of the substrate beneath all of the scale and build up, locating holes through the plate and very thin areas requiring unplanned fabrication repairs. New supports and a weir plate were welded into place, in addition to penetrated weld seams allowing moisture to permeate. Abrasive blast was carried out to class 2.5

Composite repair techniques and pit filling were used to achieve structural integrity on damaged areas

Application of RB300 Series to a nominal thickness of 400µm total DFT

Holiday testing at 12kV was carried out

Results                       By coating with Chem-tect™ RB 300 will provide an excellent corrosion barrier, expected to exceed 20 years life in service