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Repairs and Coating of Bund Area


Repairs and Coating of Bund Area


Chemical Manufacturing,






Concrete Bunds and Floors in Chlorine Plant,



Chem-tect™ RA 300

Epo-chem™ RF 500

Damp-crete™ RH 800

Hot-cote™ RD 900



Highly corrosive range of chemicals including sulphuric acid, hot caustic, brine and chlorine.



The Chlorine Plant had been in operation for over 20 years with little maintenance to concrete floors or bunds. Large areas of contaminated and spalling concrete created slip, trip and chemical pools which were safety hazards. The task was to create a safer work environment, stop ground contamination, and to reinstating all floors and bunds to new during a shut down.


Chem4_phot1  CHEM4_photo2CHEM4_photo3

Before: Corroded Equipment Work in Progress After: Protected floor


Chemcos Solution:

Plant was divided into 4 key areas:

Brine Filter Press– The elevated concrete floor, bund walls and plinths were cracked and the concrete was corroded by the hot salty water and caustic.

BIX column area – This area was largely corroded requiring massive repairs to floors and plinths.

Acid Bunds – Previous coatings were failing requiring immediate repairs.

General Floors – Walkways and pump plinths were treated last to allow access to the plant. Since the repairs were carried out concurrently with an operating plant as well as during a major shutdown, we recommended our range of solvent free and low odour RF 500 and RD 900 systems with excellent moisture tolerant properties (ideal for water blasting) and extreme chemical resistance.



Repairs to Coating of Bund Area provided:

  • A clean and safe work environment with improved light reflection and reduced slip hazards.
  • All paths with potential leaks had been sealed to improve worker safety.
  • Expected life is 10+ years.
  • An additional benefit to client is the coating colour, which changes from orange to red when in contact with 98% sulphuric acid for easy identification and immediate clean up.


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