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RL 500PF for Castor Segments


RL 500PF for Castor Segments


Steel Manufacturing



September 2012 – 2016



Aged Carbon Steel



Epo-chem™ RL 500PF – a surface/moisture tolerant zinc rich epoxy coating resistant to 150°C which can also be applied on hot surfaces.



Quenching station – Steam with radiating heat at 130°C



These segments are subjected to extreme conditions as part of the steel casting process. Upon inspection, we found severe paint breakdown and asset deterioration. This was due to previously applied coatings incapable of resisting the high temperatures. Premature corrosion was also found during inspection.


Chemco’s Solution     

We recommended 2 coats of Epo-chem™ RL 500PF. This coating system is known to provide excellent long term corrosion resistance for this type of environment.



Abrasive blasting to AS 1627.4

Application of 2 coats of RL 500PF @ 300µm



The client welcomed a trial in an effort to reduce long term maintenance costs. He found this was possible using the Chemco anti corrosion coating system. After equivalent time in service our zinc rich high temperature resistant epoxy coating system was showing no signs of failure whatsoever. A long term corrosion protection was achieved. All segments are now specified with this Chemco system


After pre abrasive blasting
After abrasive blasting
RL 500PF during application
RL 500PF during application
RL 500PF application completed
RL 500PF application completed

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