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RS 500P for Concrete Reinforcement

OVERVIEW:    The threat of corroded steel and concrete cracking on a construction site can lead to major project delays or budget blowouts due to the necessary repair costs involved. In order to prevent the worst-case scenario, choosing the right contractor and corrosion protection product is key to keeping a project running smoothly, on time, and on budget.


Civil Construction


Basement of Cold Press Mill


40-50 Year Old Pillar Steel Reinforcement


When Chemcote responded to an urgent call about corroded steel in the basement of cold press mill, it became clear that an effective solution was required quickly.

The job involved refurbishing corroded steel within a concrete pillar to prevent any future of corrosion. This was clearly a concern from a structural integrity perspective.
Applying the corrosion protection coating also needed to be carried out in a high humidity environment, applied to a wet surface, and with restricted access.


The first step required Chemcote gaining access to the steel reinforcement by physically removing the deteriorated concrete. Once the steel reinforcement was fully exposed, a rust converter was applied and allowed to settle overnight, followed by an alkaline solution to neutralise the pH of the steel surface. Epo-chem™ RS 500P was then applied due to its protective properties, performance in high humidity environments, and ease of application on wet substrates.


Jack pick/hammer all deteriorated concrete

Ensure reasonable access to all affected areas of reinforcement

Application of rust converter allowing it to sit overnight

Neutralise pH of steel surface

Application of RS 500P


The scope of works on the concrete reinforcement were carried out within a tight timeframe, which allowed the civil contractors to commence rebuilding the formwork and encapsulate the steel structure with concrete. Chemcote’s solution ensured the concrete reinforcement would be adequately protected against any future corrosion.


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