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Our Solutions

Leading edge industrial coating solutions

Chemcote delivers smart corrosion protection solutions that extend the life of essential industrial and marine assets and infrastructure. We use only the highest quality glass flake filled vinyl ester and ceramic filled coatings to ensure reliability, durability, high performance and longevity.


We are able to achieve outstanding results by carefully selecting and applying high performance coatings that can resist an onslaught of corrosion causing elements in aggressive industrial environments.


Our solutions are suitable for protecting new equipment before exposure to corrosion and wear, as well as providing ongoing corrosion protection for assets in use.


Our range of solutions encompass thickeners, clarifiers and coatings including:

Temperature Resistant Coatings

Chemical Resistant Coatings

Heat Exchanger Coatings

Moisture & Surface Tolerant Coatings

Concrete Coatings

Protective Coatings for Tanks & Vessels

Pumps & Impeller Coatings

Pipe Coatings

Galvanised Steel Coatings

why we choose...

Glass Glake Filled Coatings

The high aspect ratio of glass flake in a properly formulated coating can decrease the corrosion path to the substrate by up to 40 times compared to granular filled coatings. This promotes very low moisture vapour transmission rates (MVT) and results in longer lasting coatings for immersed and extreme corrosion applications.

Ceramic Filled Coatings

Ceramic filled epoxies provide hard wearing protection from abrasion, cavitation, erosion and pitting in the most aggressive of industrial environments including silos, mills, pumps and tanks. We normally use them in areas where erosion and abrasion exist within a fluid flow environment. Ceramic filled epoxies bind ceramic particles into a resin to create an encapsulating ceramic shell that is tightly packed in the cured film.

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