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Sulphuric Acid Plant Concrete Slab Repairs


Sulphuric Acid Plant Concrete Slab Repairs




May 2006




Chem-tect RB 300P Vinyl Ester Primer  Chem-tect RB 332 Vinyl Ester Resin


Sulphuric Acid has caused deterioration of the existing fiberglass matting. The failure of the previous fiberglass lining had enabled permeation, allowing serious corrosion of the concrete slab



A core drilling process and testing procedure was undertaken to analyse the extent of the Ammonia Sulphate ingress before planning a work method to avoid contamination from other work happening on site

Chemcote’s Solution

Chem-tect™ Vinyl Ester system is filled with screened glassflake technology for long lasting protection from aggressive chemicals such as sulphuric acid, abrasion and high temperature environments




Deteriorated concrete beneath Fibreglass lining
Jack hammer used to remove debris

The lining was cut and removed by sections to allow the plant to continue operations.
The required surface preparation was undertaken to remove laitance from the concrete surface
Where repairs to the concrete were needed, the area was broken up with a Jackhammer
Crushed rock was placed in void and compactor was used to level fill
Steel Reinforcement was placed
Treatment with Vinyl Ester Primer to seal the porous surface

Core drilling samples taken to assess
extent of concrete damage

Pour fast setting Polymer Concrete was into position with an air powered hammer chisel to stabilize the ground
Trowel off and cure
Promote second coat on site for fast reaction
Top with Garnet to provide anti slip properties


Chemco International’s Chem-tect™ system has provided years of maintenance-free service and excellent chemical resistance. These materials are substantially stronger than the original slab and will protect the slab in the future against mechanical damage and further sulphuric acid ingress