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Valve Coating


Valve Coating


Oil & Gas, Marine,



November 2005,



Cast iron Valve body,



Chem-tect™ RB 300 Series – Internals

Epo-chem™ RL 500PF – Externals



Sea water,



The internals of the valve were heavily graphitised requiring refurbishment as a replacement would have taken up to 12 weeks because this is an imperial non-standard item. Guide channel for the valve was entirely corroded away. Coating and refurbishment had to be completed within 120 hours to prevent disruption to existing shutdown schedule.


Valve prior to treatment
Valve prior to treatment

Valve being repaired Valve repairs

Corroded valve body  Coating on flanges Coating completed & valve installed


Chemco’s Solution:

Chemco Australia recommended RB 300 at 1200μm nominal thickness, a glass-flake filled vinyl ester which provides a tough impermeable barrier that will last in excess of 10 years. Externals finished with top-coat RL 500PF, a moisture and surface tolerant coating.



  • Protect critical sealing faces
  • Abrasive blast to remove graphitised metal
  • Grind rebates on flange faces to allow coating to wrap around preventing crevice corrosion due to misaligned gaskets.
  • Remove graphitised material with air chisel
  • Hot pressure wash – re-grit blast to AS 1627.4 cleanliness standard with a minimum 75μm profile
  • Application of 3 coats of RB 300
  • Install nylon bars to replace corroded guide
  • Test valve operation
  • External application of RL 500PF in 2 coats



The valve was refurbished, saving the client replacement costs and waiting time.  The client was extremely satisfied with this job and have since awarded other items to be refurbished by Chemco using similar methods.


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