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Glassflake Coatings


Glassflake is incorporated into polyester, vinylester, epoxy and other types of resins to create a maze-like structure that is 5–20 times more impermeable than resin alone.

Glassflake coatings have proven to be most suitable for applications where good corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties are required. They have an outstanding corrosion resistance to a wide range of acids, alkalis, solvents and salt solutions and they also have excellent thermal stability.

Chemco’s glassflake coatings are widely used for chemical process equipment in the form of process vessels, storage tanks, pipes and ducts.


Polyester Glassflake

Glassflake polyester coatings are suitable for many applications because they form a tough, highly impermeable barrier to corrosion.

These products are recommended where long lasting performance is required. Their unique characteristics (optimum protection from the harshest and most severe operating environments) make them an ideal choice for metal, concrete and other substrates.

These coatings are available in 2 versions:

  • RA 200
  • RE 200

Vinylester Glassflake

Chemco’s vinylester range has provided the most cost effective, long-term tank lining solution for over 30 years.

These vinylester coatings have now superseded polyester due to their ability to handle the most aggressive chemicals at higher temperatures. They offer long-term corrosion protection across the full pH range (1 – 14) and are particularly effective in acidic environments at high temperatures where conventional epoxy paints can’t function.

These coatings are available in 6 versions:

  • RA 300
  • RB 300
  • RC 300
  • RD 300
  • RE 300
  • RF 300

Epoxy and Epoxy Novolac

Epo-chem™ 500 series is based on a range of solvent-free epoxy resins reinforced with screened glassflake that can be applied to metal, concrete and other substrates. They form a durable barrier to weathering, corrosion and temperature. These coatings have excellent, all-round mechanical properties thus making them ideal protection for various installations, plant and equipment.

These coatings are available in multiple versions:

  • RA 500
  • RA 500M
  • RA 500CG
  • RA 500UW
  • RB 500
  • RF 500
  • RI 500
  • RV 500
  • RW 500

High Temperature Glassflake Coating

Hot-cote™ RD 900 is a high temperature, solvent-free, glassflake epoxy coating.

It offers excellent resistance to high temperatures (up to 210ºC) and chemical environments in immersed conditions.

Fire-retardant and UV-resistant Acrylic Coating

Fast-guard™ is a multi-purpose, single pack, water-based acrylic coating for concrete and other cementitious substrates. It can be easily applied to damp surfaces and in high humidity environments.

This system is available in 4 versions:

  • RN 500FR
  • RN 500TC
  • Rn 500P
  • RN 500RC

Durable Epoxy Coating

RX 500GS is a water-based epoxy coating.

It exhibits an exceptional high gloss finish, suitable for application to concrete, metal, wood, stone or ceramic surfaces.

Epoxy Primer Coating

RX 500P is a water-based epoxy coating.

It is utilised as a multi-purpose primer for application to the most difficult substrates.

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