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Abrasion Resistant Protective Coatings


Abrasion is the process of scraping or wearing something away. Abrasion occurs when particles move at accelerated speeds in a liquid or gas environment. When the particles come into contact with the substrate it can result in premature metal loss. There are many methods used to reduce the amount and speed it wears away. Some of these methods are weld overlays, ceramic wear tiles and sometimes rubber. However, research has shown that composite ceramic coatings are the most cost-effective.

What can Chemcote offer in the fight against abrasion?

Chemco have developed a range of solutions. They can be applied in highly aggressive chemical environments. They can be subjected to temperatures up to 220 Degrees. We have 4 proven solutions that are catered for different conditions. Chemcote Specialty Coatings have a team of specialists that can provide you with the right system for your application.

Ceram-chem™ Technical Data

Ceram-chem™  is product range that is ideal for the protection or repair and protection of equipment used in highly abrasive or high fluid-flow applications. This technology uses a blend of ceramic and epoxy technologies.

The big advantage of these products over traditional systems are they are solvent free. They also offer improved equipment efficiency which results in higher throughput.

Ceram-chem™ RP 500

Ceram-chem™RP 500 is a ceramic filled solvent free epoxy coating.   It is designed as a top coat for our anti-corrosion coating systems suitable for all types of fluid flow environments. Once fully cured it creates a low friction finish which results in proven improved efficiency.  To compliment the system is Cerpofix™RH 500 renewal compound which is designed to fill voids and deep pitting. It is fully machinable and has superior adhesion with Ceram-chem™RP 500. Suitable for environments operating up to 70°C.

Ceram-chem™ RU 500

Ceram-chem™ RU 500 is a solvent free epoxy Novolac. It was specially formulated to resist high temperatures, fluid flow enhancement and aggressive chemical environments. Incorporating Cerpofix™ technology it is able to withstand abrasives stresses and is extremely hardwearing. Pit filling and voids can be filled using Ceram-chem™RT500 Suitable for environments operating up to 130°c.

Hot-cote™ RF 900

Hot-cote™RF 900 is your first choice for high temperature resistance. An extremely robust ceramic filled epoxy coating that is specially formulated for temperatures up to 220ºC in extreme chemical environments. Effective solvent free one coat system  to provides a low friction finish which results in improved efficiency and lower running costs. To compliment this system we have formulated Hot-cote™ RE 900. This will fill the voids and deep pitting if required. It is fully machinable and adheres very well to Hot-cote™ RF 900Suitable for environments operating up to 220°C.

Chemcote Specialty Coatings will provide you with guaranteed corrosion solutions for your equipment. Our Wollongong workshop has skilled technicians who can apply our advanced ceramic coatings. We also have a mobile team who can do the application conveniently on your site.  With years of experience in improving pump performance for manufacturers and end users, we can protect new pumps or repair and rebuild corroded components to original condition.

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