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Pipe and Valve Protective Coatings


Pipe and Valve coatings are protective coatings applied to pipes and valves to protect from corrosion or erosion. Pipes are a huge part of our worlds infrastructure. There are billions of meters of pipe in use around the world. Some are exposed to the atmosphere, buried underground and others are immersed. They are used to transport gasses and liquids to different locations. Without pipes, you would be without water, fuel, gas, and electricity…. In fact, we’d have very little.

Pipe coatings can be separated  into two categories. Internal and External

External Coatings

Epo-chem™ RS 500P – Solvent free MIO epoxy primer that can overcoated with a corrosion barrier to suit the application then top coated to any colour.

Epo-chem™ RL 500PF – Epoxy primer/finish. A truly wet and rust tolerant coating that can be applied to a wet or sweating surface. A high solids MIO-Zinc epoxy that can be used as a single coat system or finished off with a coloured top coat. Exceptional resistance to C.U.I.

Your pipes are Hot ! , We don’t mind – Chemco’s Epo-chem™ RL 500PF can be applied on steam pipes and other pipes whilst operating up to 150ºC. That’s right ! Applying a coating onto a 150ºC pipe. In fact we have a full range of High Temperature Resistant Coatings

Internal Coatings

Liquids can travel at speed over 300km/h inside pipes. Quite often there are small solid particles travelling in suspension within the fluid. This can cause havoc with erosion/corrosion. Especially when it comes to elbows, bends and reducers. Imagine corrosion wearing a hole through a pipe and gas escaping into the atmosphere. Imagine chemicals leaking into the environment. Imagine a high-pressure gas line exploding. That is why the correct protective needs to be applied. Chemcote have an extensive range of protective coatings for every pipe coating requirement.

Chem-tect™ 300 series

Chem-tect™ 300 series Vinylester Glass Flake Systems are engineered for outstanding resistance to high temperatures and severe chemical environments. Based on the highest grade vinylester resins filled with a glass-flake. An excellent choice for fast turnaround, pipe coating system with guarantees in excess of 20 years.

Epo-Chem™ 500 series

Epo-Chem™ 500 series Epoxy Glassflake system that is engineered for abrasion, high impact and chemical resistance at high temperatures. The revolutionary ceramic filled coatings cure almost smooth to increase fluid flow and increase efficiency.


InD-cote™  High-Density Epoxylining is formulated for application in very aggressive and very abrasive environments. A solvent-free and ceramic bead-filled epoxy that is used commonly on pipe bends, elbows and reducers. This novolac compound contains a blend of ceramic fillers and ceramic beads for the ultimate internal pipe coating system.

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