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Heat Exchanger and Condenser Protective Coatings


Chemcote are one of the market leaders in protective coatings for Heat Exchangers, Chillers and Water boxes.

Most heat exchanger chiller units will suffer some level of corrosion. This is largely due to the harsh environment in which they operate in. The cooling medium ranges from salt water, fresh water and in specialist applications process solution or gas.

Chemcote Specialty Coatings specialise in providing guaranteed corrosion solutions for your equipment either conveniently at your site or at our fully equipped workshop. We have technicians who are skilled in the application of advanced heavy duty glass flake or ceramic filled  coatings to any substrate

The Chemcote Advantage

Our capabilities in coatings specification, design review, project management and coatings application has led to the company becoming one of the top coating specialists in Australasia.


That’s top on your list and ours too. Our ‘Guaranteed Corrosion Solutions’ is just that. ‘Guaranteed’ where we specify, supply and apply, we offer unbroken warranties on the coating system

Wise Investment

Anti-corrosion systems reduce ongoing maintenance costs and extend the life of your equipment. Consider the savings from improved operation efficiencies in the long-term.

Why use glass flake filled coatings?

Chemco International is the manufacturer of long term corrosion resistant coatings used in industries worldwide, glass flakes dramatically reduce coating permeation rates to the substrate, resulting in longer lasting coatings. This promotes very low (MVT) moisture vapour transmission rates.

The high aspect ratio of glass flake in a properly formulated coating can decrease the corrosion path to the substrate by up to 40 times compared to a granular filled coatings. Therefore the coating can last longer in immersed or extreme corrosion applications.

Chemcote Specialty Coatings can rebuild lost dimensions and restore division plates even if they are corroded through.

Rather than outlaying further costs in fabricating new components, have your heat exchanger working again in no time.

Why use ceramic filled coatings?

Ceramic filled epoxies are normally used in areas where erosion and abrasion exist within a fluid flow environment.

Great success is found using epoxies where suspended solids exist in the process fluid. This is usually complimented by matching the suspended particle size in the fluid flow environment with the ceramic particle used within the epoxy. This prevents the epoxy binder from dislodging the particles and prematurely deteriorating the lining system.

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