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Coatings Application


The success of anti corrosion coatings can depend on whether the environmental conditions are controlled at the time of application, as well as the skill of the applicator. Humidity and temperature play an important role as does the curing time prior to service. Of course, the quality of the product is of major importance.

Abrasion Resistant Protective Coatings

Chemcote uses only the highest quality corrosion protection products that are able to perform in aggressive environments. The health and safety of our workers and your team is a prime consideration, we aim to use 100% solid coatings where possible.

We use 100% glass flake filled vinyl esters and epoxies which requires application by qualified technicians. Our team is specially trained in manual application and uses a range of application tools to ensure even thickness and smooth coating every time.

Chemcote have the capability to perform surface preparation on the following ferrous and nonferrous surfaces:

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