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Pressure Vessel Protective Coatings and Refurbishment


A pressure vessel is a vessel designed to hold gases or liquids as part of a process. The pressure is considerably different from the atmospheric pressure outside of it. The pressure differential can be dangerous, and in some case can be fatal. Numerous accidents have occurred in the development and operation of pressure vessels. One of the major causes has been corrosion. Chemical attack, erosion and corrosion can cause unscheduled shutdowns, reduced service life, poor performance, loss of production, and create an unsafe work environment. Chemco pressure vessel protective coating systems are essential to improve the safety and life cycle cost of your plant.

Chemco have developed a range of products designed for this application.

Chem-tect™ 300 Series

Chem-tect™ 300 series is a two-pack vinylester coating system. It is 100% solids and reinforced with screened glass flake. This advanced coating is used as a tank lining system. It offers optimum resistance to the most aggressive chemicals at high temperatures such as acids and solvents.

Other features:

  • Suitable for concrete and steel surfaces
  • Almost smooth finish that can be made to any colour
  • Easily repairable and low maintenance
  • Full pH protection (1 – 14)
  • Forms a robust  impermeable barrier
  • Fast curing = faster over-coating intervals =  faster back-in-service times
  • Excellent resistance to thermal ageing, and abrasive environment
  • suitable for aviation fuels, methanol/water mixtures, high-temperature flue gas plant and equipment

Epo-chem™ 500 Series

Epo-chem™  500 series two pack epoxy resin reinforced with screened glass flake. It is a solvent-free and wet tolerant. It is chemically resistant and can be applied in a  single coat/topcoat. This is suitable for a wide range of applications, including tank and vessel linings.

Other features:

  • Solvent-free = odourless system
  • Can be applied on soaking wet surfaces
  • Suitable for concrete or steel surfaces
  • Easy to apply
  • Forms a hard, impermeable barrier
  • Extremely good abrasion and chemical resistance properties.
  • High gloss finish that can be made to any colour.
  • Used worldwide for a wide range of applications including vessel linings, tank linings and structural coatings.

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