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Industrial Floor Coatings


Chemco have created a full range of innovative, user-friendly, solvent-free and water-based protective floor coatings to suit all requirements.


Water-based Floor Coatings

RX 800 is a water-based floor coating.

It is suitable for application in environments where solvents would be hazardous or have a detrimental affect upon the operating process of products.

RS 800 is a water-based acrylic floor coating.

It exhibits outstanding UV resistance and is suitable for outdoor flooring applications.


Solvent-free Floor Coatings

RH 800 is a solvent-free, wet tolerant floor coating.

It is typically utilised as a primer which allows green concrete to be primed as soon as new concrete has set. It can be applied onto fresh concrete whilst it is still green.

RG 800 is a solvent-free, 100% solid, self-levelling floor coating.

It forms a tough, hard-wearing, high gloss finish with excellent colour stability.

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