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Underwater Protective Coatings


Diver-cote™ is specifically formulated to be applied underwater and tidal zones, providing protection against corrosion. Manufactured to provide asset owners a solution against some of the difficulties when considering maintenance and prevention of corrosion, MIC (Microbiologically Induced Corrosion), SRB (Sulphate Reducing Bacteria) and tidal zone corrosion.

What does Diver-cote™ offer?

Steel and concrete items in this environment are subjected to extreme levels of corrosion. It is not always possible to remove an item that is immersed under water. And it’s not always a cost effective option to remove the item from the immersed conditions or use a cofferdam.  Occasionally the best solution is to send in a diver and carry out the repair underwater using Diver-cote™.

For over 16 years Diver-cote™ has been applied to sub sea structures. It is commonly used to repair jetties, piling and pipework. The true testimonials of this product is the repeat business we get. Over 16 years in use with not one single product failure reported.

How does it work?

Chemco Diver-cote™ is a solvent free epoxy system. It is a truly wet tolerant coating that has been reinforced with glassflake. The glassflake helps form an impermeable barrier to prevent corrosive -ions permeating through to the substrate. During application the material displaces the moisture from the surface, this revolutionary technology allows it to be applied underwater. It is available in a high viscosity and low viscosity depending on the application. It can also be used to repair large defects, holes, cracks and chips.  Diver-cote™ has been recommended and specified in many underwater applications around the world.

How do you apply it?

Carry out the most appropriate surface preparation possible, mix the two components above water. Once mixed it can be applied by hand, brush, roller, mitt, trowel or spatula. Large areas can be done using a power roller or power brush. It has limited dispersion in water so it is an environmentally friendly system. The coating will continue to cure underwater to provide a smooth paint-like finish.

Chemcote will guide you through the right specification for your application.

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