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Diver-cote RA 500UW LV


Diver-cote™ RA 500UW-LV is a solvent-free, wet tolerant, low viscosity underwater coating which has been reinforced with glassflake.

This coating can be used for a wide range of underwater applications including the protection of risers, pipes and structures below the splash zone.

Primary Features & Characteristics

  • Solvent-freewet tolerant, low viscosity
  • Glassflake properties form an impermeable barrier to protect against corrosion
  • Specifically designed for application underwater or in very wet areas producing a high gloss finish
  • Ideal for giving large areas an aesthetically-pleasing finish
  • No over-coating limitations
  • Ideal for use on wet and saturated metal and concrete and for hand prepared or water-jetted surfaces
  • Offers minimal dispersion during application, which in turn:
    • reduces potential contamination of the environment
    • helps to keep expensive diving suits and equipment clean
    • improves accuracy as the diver’s vision is clearer for a longer period of time
    • improves efficiency and productivity
  • Will reduce the risk of MIC (Microbiological Induced Corrosion) and SRB (Sulphate Reducing Bacteria) as it doesn’t not contain the food ingredients contained in traditional solvent-borne systems which bacteria thrives on
  • Exhibits long-term resistance to the marine environment
  • Ideal product for use with other underwater application products such as Diver-stix™ and Diver-filler™
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